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I have almost ten years experience in science engagement, and have trained hundreds of academics, STEM professionals and school teachers. 

Please get in touch if you would like more information or to book a training session. All sessions are planned as half-day sessions (2hr 30 mins).

An Introduction to Science Communication

Why and how do we do science communication?


Sam will take you through the fundamentals of good science communication, figuring out your audience and how to tackle some of the tricky barriers that crop up when trying to get started.

Lights, Camera, Action

How do you take a concept and turn it into a short video for the world wide web?

Come with a story you want to tell, or craft one on the day as we explore the fundamentals of making videos for social media

Getting to Grips with Social Media


Engaging on the web is here to stay! But it can be a daunting experience, so how do you get started? 

This workshop will explore how to use social media as engagement tool for research.

How to be Engaging!

You've got a great topic, but how do you make people care?

This workshop will explore storytelling and engagement techniques which hook your audience and make them want to learn more!

Event Production 101

What steps are involved in making an engagement event happen?


This workshop will explore, step by step, the crucial points that will help elevate your events and leave your audience wowed! 


Half-Day - £395 (1 workshop)

Full Day - £649 (2 workshops)

Please note these prices are not inclusive of VAT.

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