Sci-Comm with Sam

Presenter & Creative Producer  


I have developed and delivered training to a range of audiences throughout my career, including academics, teachers and science communicators. 

I am able to train on a range of subjects, each tailored to your own requirements, in fun and interactive sessions which put you at the heart of the activity. No lecture style training here, we'll get hands on and make the session as in depth as you need. 

Examples of training I can deliver 

  • Science Communication 101

    • An introduction to the fundamentals of ​scicomm, with hints and tips for you to take forward in your own practice. Whether you want to know how to design an activity, the language to use or the techniques used to gauge learning, this session has you covered. 

  • Inclusive Science Communication 

    • How do you make your engagement inclusive? This session will use case studies and scenarios to provide you with food for thought on ways to improve your own practice. ​

  • Social Media for SciComm 

    • Social media is a powerful tool, but getting your head around it can be a headache. This session will look at how you can use Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as a perfect tool to share your ​work and engage with a wide audience

Each session can be tailor made to suit your requirements, so please do get in touch to discuss any idea you have or topics you would like to know more about. 

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