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Presenter & Creative Producer  

Creative Producer

I am a professional science communicator who has produced large numbers of event which engage with STEM. I am also specialist in developing public engagement events with a broad range of target audiences.

Throughout my career this has included panel discussions, live talks, public lectures, science fairs and comedy events. I have run events in science centres, museums, art galleries, pubs, out on the street, up mountains and in forests. 

In addition I have worked alongside academic researchers to create public engagement activities which help to showcase the incredible work they are doing.

What could I do for you?
  • Develop, produce and host an event, tailored to your desired audience

  • Create an engagement activity alongside you or your team, to share your work with a specific desired audience

  • Evaluate your engagement activities

Why not get me involved in your project? I can advise on a project or lead on the design of an experience for you. 

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Science Presenter & Creator 

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